Certified Leed's Rollerball Refill - Blue

Certified Leed's Rollerball Refill - Blue

Code: 9092-10RF


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Product Description

Please note that 9092-09RF (black ink) and 9092-10RF (blue ink) are the same style refills that will fit the same set of pens. There are no other substitute refills for this set of pens and refills.

Please note that this refill style is currently available only in black ink - refill# 9092-09RF. 9092-10RF (blue ink) will be available in March 2018.

This refill is for the following Leed's stationery items:

  Product No  Product Name
  0011-04     eleven Traverse Roller Ball Stylus
  1015-06     Colonnade Roller Ball   
  1015-07     Tuscany Roller Ball  
  1015-09     Allegro Roller Ball
  1015-11     Color Wave Roller Ball  
  1015-17     Luna Roller Ball   
  1015-26     SoHo Roller Ball  
  1015-31     Precision Roller Ball   
  1015-33     Madison Roller Ball 
  1015-35     Emerson Roller Ball  
  1015-44     Mission Roller Ball 
  1015-45     Intrigue Roller Ball 
  1015-46     Remington Roller Ball 
  1015-53     Montreux Roller Ball  
  1015-65     Essex Roller Ball 
  1015-76     Cornell Roller Ball 
  1015-78     Ellis Roller Ball 
  1015-87     Westport Roller Ball 
  1035-13     Balmain Millau Pen Set 
  1035-17     Avenue Roller Ball 
  1035-45     Cutter & Buck Signature Ed. Rollerball 
  1055-61     Tribeca Roller Ball
  1065-32     Alicia Klein Croc Roller Ball 
  1065-44     Wing Tip Roller Ball
  1065-60     Grobisen Roller Ball
  1065-83     Cabrio Roller Ball
  1067-05     Walden Roller Ball
  1067-06     Vito Roller Ball
  1800-13     Burton Morris Energy Roller Ball
  5893-01     Luxe Redmond Roller Ball
  5893-06     Luxe Encore Roller Ball
Certified Leed's Rollerball Refill - Black
Code: 9092-09RF
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