Mobile Power Bank 1400 mAh and Flashlight

Mobile Power Bank 1400 mAh and Flashlight

Code: 3350-56



Power up anytime and anywhere with this charger and flashlight. Plugs into your cigarette lighter or computer to charge the built-in battery to use as a power bank, or plug in your phone to charge while driving. To charge the built-in battery by car, allow 4-5 hours to fully charge. LED Flashlight has three modes: standard flashlight, slow flashing, or rapid flashing for emergencies. Magnet located at the base to secure to metal surface or vehicle to see for repairs or to signal in case of emergencies. 180 degree rotation to angle flashlight or for better access when charging

Material: Double Wall Plastic
Size: 5.5" H
Packaging: 1-piece white gift box