5"x8" White, Wide Rule Perforated Writing Pad

5"x8" White, Wide Rule Perforated Writing Pad

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Product Description

Sheets per book: 40

This refill is for the following Leed's stationery items:

  Product No  Product Name
  0011-20     elleven Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  0400-06     Manchester Jr. Padfolio
  0550-06     Windsor Reflections Jr. Padfolio
  0550-07     Windsor Reflections Jr. Writing Pad
  0550-15     Windsor eTech Writing Pad
  0551-06     Windsor Impressions Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  0553-06     Color Step Jr. Padfolio
  0600-06     DuraHyde Jr. Padfolio
  0770-06     Pedova Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  0770-07     Pedova eTech Jr. Padfolio
  0990-02     Abruzzo Jr. Padfolio
  1000-06     sance Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  1200-06     Distinctions Jr. Padfolio
  1200-73     Distinctions E-Organizer Case
  1350-06     Scripto Jr. Writing Pad Bundle Set
  1350-53     Scripto Scripto Flash Jr. TriFolio Bundle Set   
  1353-06     Scripto Quota Jr. Writing Pad Budle Set
  1355-07     Wenger Jr. Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set
  1521-03     Hampton Jr. Writing Pad
  1600-06     Wingtip Jr.Zippered Padfolio
  1900-73     Neotec Ultimate E-Organizer Case
  2300-05     Odyssey Jr. Writing Pad
  2767-31     Cross Tech Padfolio
  2767-32     Cross Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  3140-06     Stratford Jr. Writing Pad
  3280-06     Burke Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  3600-73     MicroTek E-Organizer Case
  6001-06     Scripto Jr. Writing Pad
  6001-53     Scripto Scripto Flash Jr. TriFolio
  6001-97     Scripto Hue Jr Tech Writing Pad
  6003-06     Scripto Quota Jr. Writing Pad
  6100-06     Dimensions Jr. Writing Pad
  6100-73     Dimensions E-Organizer Case
  6350-06     Tangent Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  6745-06     Precision Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  6900-73     Karim Rashid Imago E-Organizer Case
  7003-15     Carbon Fiber Writing Pad for iPad
  8150-33     Case Logic Conversion Series Jr. Padfolio
  9000-06     Navigator Jr. Padfolio
  9100-03     Milano Jr. Writing Pad with Drake Twist
  9200-06     Manhattan Jr. Writing Pad
  9355-07     Wenger Jr. Zippered Padfolio
  9400-06     Elevations Jr. Padfolio
  9400-73     Elevations E-Organizer Case
  9500-03     Millennium Leather Jr. Writing Pad w/ EquadorTwist
  9500-06     Millennium Leather Jr. Writing Pad
  9500-23     Millennium Leather Jr. eTech Padfolio
  9800-06     Cutter & Buck Jr. Writing Pad
  9850-07     Cutter & Buck® Amer Classic Jr. Writing Pad
  9950-07     Kenneth Cole Borders Jr. Writing Pad