Certified Leed's Ball Point Refill - Black

Certified Leed's Ball Point Refill - Black

Code: 9092-07RF


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Product Description

Please note that 9092-07RF (black ink) and 9092-08RF (blue ink) are the same style refills that will fit the same set of pens. We currently do not carry this style in blue ink. There are no other substitute refills for this set of pens and refills.

This refill is for the following Leed's stationery items:

  Product No  Product Name 
  0011-06     eleven Prizm 3-in-1 Laser Ballpoint Stylus 
  1015-14     Oxford Mini Twist 
  1015-50     Remi Mini Twist  
  1015-57     Estimator Twist  
  1015-66     Equador Twist 
  1015-85     Visions Click  
  1015-96     Cutter & Buck American Classic Mini Twist 
  1035-30     Pronto Mini Click
  1035-59     Nebula Multifunction Pen/Laser pointer 
  1035-61     Niche Twist
  1035-73     Phoenix 4 in 1 Multifunction 
  1065-08     Preston Dual Ballpoint Stylus 
  1065-84     Oxford Dual Mini Ballpoint Stylus
  1068-08     Elite 3 in 1 Stylus Ballpoint Laser Presentation
  1660-88     Cutter & Buck American Classic USB Pen 1GB 
  1670-60     Mosaic USB Memory Pen V.2.0 1GB
  1670-85     Metropolitan USB Memory Pen 1G V.2.0