SoHo Roller Pen Set (Black)

SoHo Roller Pen Set (Black)

Code: 1055-55



Includes SoHo Roller Ball (#1015-26) with standard European black roller ball ink cartridge. SoHo Twist (#1015-86) with twist action mechanism and standard European black ballpoint ink cartridge. Set comes in black.

Material: Brass
Ink Color: Black
Size: 6.5" H x 1.3" W x 3.2" D
Packaging: 2-Piece Pen Set Gift Box
Refill: 9092-09RF (black ink) and 9092-10RF (blue ink) for 1015-26 (Rollerball pen)
Refill: 9092-11RF (black ink) and 9092-12RF (blue ink) for 1015-86 (Twist pen)